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18 Reasons to work for yourself

1. Be your own boss

2. No asking to go the bathroom

3. You can use your phone whenever you want

4. Work on what you want whenever you want

5. Control how much you make

6. Have job security

7. Do different things everyday and learn something new everyday

8. You have so much passion and creativity to waste away at a lame 9 to 5 job

9. You avoid the repetition and mind numbing tedious busywork

10. You are smarter than your boss

11. Solving new and exciting problems is not possible at a job

12. It is all on you success or failure is in your own hands

13. Make it happen, find a way

14. You find your own destiny

15. You can work anywhere you want in the world

16. You will become resilient and build your own self discipline to work hard

17. You will learn business skills

18. Your life will have so much more meaning than just being a cog in a machine

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